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american shad

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..."I tell everyone I meet your dryer is quiet, efficient, easily portable and I love the fact that it has a "slip clutch" on it. 
It in my opinion is the best, period"...

-Jim F, Fly Tyer

"Last year I bought your Head Spin HS-1 rotator. It is an absolutely amazing
little workhorse! My husband can not believe how many flies and poppers I can fit
onto it and it just keeps spinning along with no effort. It is so efficient - the
batteries last incredibly longer than I ever expected.
Thank You so much for building such a fine product!! In this day and age of
'junk' and 'how can we scam the buyer', it is wonderful to find honest people
developing good products. You guys were so nice and helpful when I was ordering and it
arrived promptly in perfect condition.
This Great Little Workhorse has really helped me turn out some beautiful
flies and poppers that were able to hit the water faster and harass some very nice
I have recently joined several fishing and fly tying clubs and can't wait to
spread the word about your great products."
" I am a constant 'modifier' of products to make them work better or fit my needs - yours is the first product in a long time that I couldn't find a thing I would change."

-Rudi Donaldson, Avid Fly Tyer

"Just received my HS-1 and am I glad I ordered it. The very first time I used
it, I was able to epoxy 8 flies with one batch of 5 minute epoxy. Before, I
was able to do maybe two flies before the epoxy stopped running. The system is
so quiet that I can use it in our family room without my wife complaining about
the noise. The micro clips actually are great to use for holding a fly while
applying the epoxy and then slipping onto the wheel."

-Richard Landreth, Fly Tyer

"I just came from the 2011 Florida Federation Flyfishers EXPO in Kissimee, FL., where I had many people ask me about your Fly Dryer. Maybe the fly shops in this state need to be reminded that you have the best dryer in the world. I always tell people and shops about your products. Just keep making them so when mine is all worn out (probably never) I can get parts."
-Capt. Mel S.

Atlantic Salmon: Salmo salar
Striped Bass: Morone saxatilis
American Shad: Alosa sapidissima
Brook Trout: Salvelinus fontinalis