brook trout

american shad

striped bass atlantic salmon


Head Spin HS-1 Fly DryerNo, this isn't a competition to see how many lures and flies we can fit on the HS-1. 

This is an example of how versatile the HS-1 can be for epoxy coating spoons, jigs, plugs, etc.  

In this example there is one Gibbs Polaris Popper, two Lure Jensen Crippled Herring Spoons, one 1/2 oz Bucktail Jig, four 1/2 oz jig heads, three bunker flies and two small epoxy flies.  

We coated all of these using slow curing rod building epoxy with glitter mixed in while they were on the HS-1's wheel. 

Our Micro Clips make coating and drying these larger spoons and plugs a cinch.  Just clip one clip on each end of the lure and lock them into the HS-1's wheel. 

Just try this on a cork or foam wheel!






Atlantic Salmon: Salmo salar
Striped Bass: Morone saxatilis
American Shad: Alosa sapidissima
Brook Trout: Salvelinus fontinalis