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Our Micro Clips are perfect for fishermen that tie smaller epoxy flies or just want to avoid getting epoxy on their hands.  If you tie long epoxy patterns the Micro Clips can help keep the material straight. 

Simply clip the Micro Clip to the hook of your fly and apply your epoxy.

When you are done applying your epoxy lock the Micro Clip into our spring wheel by just pushing it into the spring coils. 

If you're into tying small freshwater trout and bass flies, or small saltwater flies, the Micro Clip will save you time and make your tying more enjoyable.

Hold long streamer flies perfectly straight while the epoxy cures!
  • Holds long patterns straight
  • Keeps harmful epoxy away from your hands
  • Allows secure holding of small flies (size # 18 and up)
  • Locks into our spring wheel
Head Spin Micro-clips for small flies
Head Spin HS-PRO Fly Dryer


Micro Clips For Working With Small Flies And Long Flies
(Bag of 10)
Part # MC1.......... $12.99

NOTE: Micro Clips are compatable with spring wheel models ONLY.

Atlantic Salmon: Salmo salar
Striped Bass: Morone saxatilis
American Shad: Alosa sapidissima
Brook Trout: Salvelinus fontinalis