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Head Spin HS-1 Fly DryerThe Head Spin Series Spring Hold wheel has no problem holding heavy flies and moderate weight jigs. We tested the HS wheel with surf candies, big herring and menhaden patterns as well a heavy clousers and cone heads. We also tested our wheel with up to 1/2 oz jigs and had no problems holding them in the wheel.

How it works

The HS spring wheel holds your fly or jig hook between the coils of the spring. Our specially selected spring acts like a series of 200 + mini vises which automatically adjust to hold your fly or jig hooks.

Major Advantages Over Foam and Cork

Head Spin HS-1 Fly DryerThe greatest advantage of the HS-1 spring wheel over foam and cork is holding power and durability. Once a hook is inserted in foam or cork a permanent perforation is made in the material which does not heal. If the hook is inserted passed the barb - a large piece of the foam or cork will be ripped from the wheel when the hook is removed. When tying large flies and jigs, foam and cork can become excessively worn out and unusable rather quickly. Our experiments showed that 1/4 and 1/2 oz jigs tend to become loose and sometimes even fall out of foam and cork while rotating in the wheel. Foam and cork also tend to become dry rotted especially if exposed to heat or contaminants.  The HS-1's spring wheel cost us roughly 10 times more to produce than our competition's foam wheels, but we offer the complete product for less money than our competition by simply changing the way the product is distributed.  The bottom line - you get a better product for less money.

The Head Spin's Spring wheel is a dream for drying any of the circle hook fly varieties that require epoxy.  Patterns such as Bob Popovic's Surf Candy and Lefty's Deceivers (with epoxy heads) are some great flies to try on circle hooks.  The challenge is holding the hook which has the point facing the hook shank.  While foam and cork drying wheels have serious problems holding the circle hooks, the Head Spin's spring wheel and Microclips produce a winning combination that fly tiers are just beginning to recognize.

We designed the Head Spin Series Spring wheel to address all these concerns which we had as fly and jig tiers. Our nickel plated spring will not rust and it’s holding power remains consistent throughout repeated use.

The Head Spin Spring Wheel will hold your flies and jigs better than foam and cork.

Atlantic Salmon: Salmo salar
Striped Bass: Morone saxatilis
American Shad: Alosa sapidissima
Brook Trout: Salvelinus fontinalis