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Head Spin HS-1 Fly DryerFeaturing the Head Spin HS-1 Fly Rotator / Jig Turner.  This novel epoxy drying motor is a must for fly tying, lure making and rod building.  The effectiveness and durability of epoxy flies is certainly no secret to fresh and saltwater fly fishermen - these patterns catch even the most finicky game fish species. The HS-1 will speed up your tying and increase the quality of your epoxy flies and jigs by rotating them at the optimal rate while the epoxy is curing. This produces perfectly shaped bodies and frees up your hands to tie or coat more flies. The Head Spin’s large five-inch spring wheel will rotate dozens of your epoxy flies or jigs and cure sag free with perfect symmetry.

Head Spin HS-PRO Fly DryerThe Head Spin uses a unique spring wheel design to securely hold your flies instead of foam or cork, so it will not wear out. The Head Spin’s spring wheel securely holds up to 6/0 flies or moderate weight jigs. We tested the Head Spin’s wheel with Surf Candies, big herring and menhaden patterns as well as heavy Clousers and cone heads. We also tested our wheel with up to 1/2 oz jigs and had no problems holding them in the wheel. The Head Spin spring wheel holds your fly or jig hook between the coils of it’s spring which acts like a series of 200 + mini vises. NuWave Tackle's Exclusive spring wheel also features a special slip clutch design that allows you to grab, stop and reverse the wheel as you add flies, jigs or epoxy. If you tie really small flies, check out our Micro Clips accessory that will allow you to easily handle, coat and dry flies down to size 18 on the Head Spin wheel.

The HS-1 also functions as a jIg turner and rod rotator/ finishing motor.  If you would like to build your own rods, the Head Spin quickly converts from a fly dryer into a rod dryer that will help you build better rods by leveling the epoxy coating applied to the rod blank and guide feet. Just press the rod butt into our RDC-RB rod chuck accessory, which securely holds rods with a wide range of butt section sizes. 

The rugged, HS-1 product features a solid metal base, nickel-plated spring wheel, high quality US-built 7RPM drying motor, battery, AC line-powered models and more.   Click on the HS-1 image above for more details and to see some examples of flies tied on the HS-1.

If you work with small epoxy patterns for trout, bass or smaller saltwater species be sure to check out our Micro Clips, which will help make coating these small patterns a cinch.  Just coat the fly with epoxy and pop it in the fly drier wheel.

If your would like to build your own epoxy fly dryer, NuWave Tackle sells a line of quality fly turner motors.


Atlantic Salmon: Salmo salar
Striped Bass: Morone saxatilis
American Shad: Alosa sapidissima
Brook Trout: Salvelinus fontinalis